Montclair parents set up robotics booster club

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Parents of current and former Montclair High School students have set up a booster club to support the school’s robotics team. The team, comprising students from all grades, competes every year in the FIRST Robotics competition, an international tournament that pits high school designed robots against each other in an arena-based game.

If you’d like to participate in the booster club, join our Facebook group to find details of planning meetings and social events. Our donors and sponsors help provide food for our hard-working students and additional supplies for their robot. Donations of time and skills are as welcome as financial contributions: local contractor Peter Tschudy, for example, has spent hours building replicas of game obstacles to test the robot. If you’re interested in helping, contact our Facebook group or email And keep checking back on this site for news about our progress through the 2016 competition, FIRST Stronghold.

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