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We’re launching a campaign to raise money for additional time in the school shop so that the kids can continue working after the end of the build season. As you may know, competition rules require teams to cease work on the robot on Feb. 23rd and seal it in a bag, but the rules also allow for much work to continue after “Bag Day.” Many teams then starting working on a second robot so that they can get more experience operating it and line up spare parts for the competition device. MHS has not done this in recent years and says it cannot do so this year because it isn’t in its budget plans. But they have offered us an arrangement under which we can effectively buy supervised time in the shop at $50 an hour. We’re looking to take advantage of this and raise enough money for 10 hours in each of the 4.5 weeks between the bagging of the robot and our first competition. That works out to 48 hours at $2,400. It’s not a small amount, but we’re hopeful that with your help we can get there. We also have some cash on hand thanks to your generous donations so far, though we’d prefer to keep that to cover some other anticipated expenses.

Here’s how you can help:

— Let us know of other companies in the community or your business network that you can help us approach. We have already received help from two local businesses and a promise of cash from our Capital One branch. We’re lining up sponsorship packages that will give big donors some promotional space on our robot and website.

— Encourage grandparents and other relatives and friends to make a donation. We accept credit card payments here.

— Check if your employer has a matching contribution program. You may be able to get a dollar for dollar match for any money you have donated so far.

— Come to our Just Jake’s dinner on March 2. Even if we don’t raise much cash, it will be fun!

¬†We’ve already achieved a lot this year by helping to raise the productivity of the school team. Organizing time to build a second robot will really take things up a notch. Your help is much appreciated.

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