A great end to the season

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“The team had a great event and a great season,” writes mentor Rich Kopelow. “We had many matches that we lost by a small margin. “If we can improve our reliability and gain some more experience, we can do much better. The robot held up very well. We made some improvements and the robot is generally in better shape now than it was at the beginning of the event. We did however mangle a very important component and break a computer – not our best moments.

“On the flip side, many of the team members spoke with other teams, teaching them what we do, and learning what they do. There were many discussions, started by the students, about how to improve the team including recruiting and training new members. The team is clearly starting to connect with other teams.

“The excitement and enthusiasm showed in the stands, as well, as the team won the Spirit award. These are the “big leagues” and the kids are up against much larger teams, with a large numbers of mentors and more funding. The kids played extremely hard and were relentless, even when things didn’t go their way. It was truly impressive.”



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